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In Europe, cement production decreased by 26.9% from 1990 to 2012, whereas CO 2 emissions decreased by 38.6%, showing an improvement in the cement production (CEMBUREAU, 2014). However, to reach the objectives of various sustainability programs, further efforts must be made in order to improve every step in the concrete production line.

Dalmia Cement commences production at new line at

2021-3-25  India: Dalmia Bharat subsidiary Dalmia Cement has commenced commercial production of cement at the new 2.3Mt/yr production line of its Bengal Cement Works cement plant in Midnapore, West Bengal. The new line brings the plant’s total capacity to 4Mt/yr. Chief operating officer Ujjwal Batria said, “To ensure that demand is met in a sustainable manner, we have deployed the latest machinery

Making Concrete Change: Innovation in Low-carbon

2021-4-20  To bring the cement sector in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change, its annual emissions will need to fall by at least 16 per cent by 2030. 1 Steeper reductions will be required if assumptions about the contribution from carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies prove to be optimistic. Meanwhile, investors are increasingly expecting companies to report clear information on

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Portland cement goes on to get blended with water, sand, and gravel to form concrete, the rocky material used to make building foundations, roads, dams, and many more of the greatest hits of

Dalmia Cement (Bharat) commences commercial

2021-3-25  Dalmia Cement (Bharat) has commenced commercial production of Line 2, having a capacity of 2.25mtpa, at its Bengal Cement Works (BCW) Unit in Midnapore, West Bengal. With this addition, the company’s overall capacity at the Midnapore plant has now gone to

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What is cement? Cement is used in construction to bind other materials together. It is mixed with sand, gravel and water to produce concrete, the most widely used construction material in the world.Over 10bn tonnes of concrete are used each year.. The industry standard is a type called Portland cement.This was invented in the early 1800s and named after a building stone widely used in England

New blueprint for zero-emission cement and concrete

2021-3-16  The production-centric approach explores ways to reach net-zero emissions solely through measures that reduce the carbon intensity of cement and concrete production. In line with existing business models, this scenario leverages technological improvements to the cement and concrete manufacturing processes and primarily relies on the cement and

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Contraction/Control Joints. Contraction/control joints are placed in concrete slabs to control random cracking. A fresh concrete mixture is a fluid, plastic mass that can be molded into virtually any shape, but as the material hardens there is a reduction in volume or shrinkage.

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Slag cement is a recovered byproduct of the iron manufacturing process and can be used to replace a portion of portland cement in concrete mix design. The use of slag cement has demonstrated long-term performance enhancements allowing designers to reduce the environmental footprint of concrete while ensuring improved performance and increased

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Drake Cement Corporate Office. 21803 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite 220 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 . Cement Plant. 5001 E Drake Rd Paulden, AZ 86334 . Phone. Corporate Office (480) 219-6670 Cement