Price List Cambridge Core

Pricing of Elements on Cambridge Core is also available from the books price list above. Simply filter on column D 'Product Type'. Elements can also be included as part of an evidence based acquisition (EBA) agreement. Printed Elements are also available please use the 'Buy the print Element' button on each individual Element title page.

List price Wikipedia

2021-4-14  The list price, also known as the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), or the recommended retail price (RRP), or the suggested retail price (SRP) of a product is the price at which the manufacturer recommends that the retailer sell the product. The intention was to help standardize prices among locations. While some shops/stores always sell at, or below, the suggested retail price

Free Purchase Order Template with Price List

2020-9-1  Keep the price list updated in each master copy. New Purchase Orders : Whenever you create a new purchase order, find the master PO template file and make a copy, naming the file based on a structure that makes sense for you, such as po_1024_vendorname.xlsx .

State Procurement Office Price & Vendor List Contracts

The SPO procures and manages price list and vendor list contracts on behalf of Executive branch agencies, and any of the other twenty chief procurement officer (CPO) jurisdictions, including the Judiciary and the Legislative branches and the counties that commit to participate in the contracts issued by the SPO. Participating jurisdictions and agencies benefit by