A Guide for Anti-Corruption risk Assessment

2020-3-27  A. About This Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment Guidance 8 B. Introduction and Background 10 B.1 Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment 10 B.2 Forms of Corruption 12 B.3 Influence on the Overall Anti-Corruption Compliance Programme 13 B.4 Personnel Typically Involved 15 B.5 Overall Responsibility and Leadership 15 B.6 Participants 15

Agyapa: Amidu did Ghana's democracy a disservice

2021-3-25  The Finance Minister nominee, Ken Ofori-Atta says the former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu did “a disservice” to the country and its democracy for releasing his Corruption Risk Assessment

The Wolfsberg Frequently Asked Questions on Risk

2018-2-22  ML and Bribery and Corruption (B&C) risk assessments, a B&C risk assessment can also involve additional components which are not typically used in pure ML and sanctions risk assessments. Ultimately, though, how a firm designs its assessment methodology will very much depend on the risk assessment, as well as internal or external risk events.

Country Risk Assessment Process for SA8000 Social

After extensive research and consultation, SAAS developed an SA8000 certification country risk assessment process to categorize the oversight and assurance process activities according to risk level. Activities taking place in higher risk locations receive more oversight than those in countries determined to be lower risk u sing risk-based

Family violence multi-agency risk assessment and

2021-4-22  The Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework helps practitioners from a wide range of fields understand and identify risk factors associated with family violence and respond consistently. is committed to the integrity of the organisation and to a comprehensive and systematic approach to managing fraud and corruption risks.

C-TPAT’s Five Step Risk Assessment

2014-10-16  A Risk Assessment consists of several components, including a Threat Assessment, Cargo and Data Flow, Vulnerability Assessment, and audits of security procedures. These steps are further delineated on the following pages. A Risk Assessment should also include how security procedures would be affected by natural and man-

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) Types Explained Cardinus

The other types of fire risk assessments are normally only required if a Type 1 assessment finds risks or justifications for a more comprehensive assessment. For example, if a Type 1 FRA finds that there are inaccessible areas such as under floorboards, which cause concerns a Type 2 or Type 4 FRA (which includes destructive sampling

What is a Compliance Risk Assessment What are the

A flawed risk assessment process means that a company doesn’t understand the actual risks it faces, and nothing good comes from that. Flawed risk assessments can lead to bad business decisions, regulatory enforcement actions, lawsuits, reputation harm, and innumerable other headaches—including you standing in the unemployment line.

National Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk

2018-3-14  The results of a national risk assessment, whatever its scope, can provide useful also information to financial institutions and designated non-financial businesses and professions (DNFBPs) to support the conduct of their own risk assessments.

Fraud Risk Assessment

The ACFE's Fraud Risk Assessment is an invaluable resource for fraud examiners to use in identifying and addressing their clients' or employers' vulnerabilities to internal fraud. Fraud professionals can use this tool to assist organizations in identifying fraud risks and developing a fraud risk response.