Sodium Tetraborate Na2B4O7 PubChem

Borate is the accepted common name for the metal salts of boric acid which comprise the following family of chemicals: sodium tetraborate decahydrate, sodium tetraborate pentahydrate, sodium tetraborate (anhydrous borax), disodium octaborate (anhydrous), disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, and sodium metaborate. /Borates/

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Borates also have a variety of industrial uses. For example, boron is a micronutrient essential to plant growth. Our boron contains calcium-free sodium borates, which are optimal for agricultural use. We refine our borate minerals into boron-rich micronutrient products that help farmers, around the world, grow better crops in greater quantities.

Mineral Resources in Deserts USGS

Boron, from borax and borate evaporites, is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, enamel, agricultural chemicals, water softeners, and pharmaceuticals. Borates are mined from evaporite deposits at Searles Lake, California, and other desert locations.

Boric anhydride B2O3 PubChem

An exemption from the requirement of a tolerance is established for residues of the pesticidal chemical boric acid and its salts, borax (sodium borate decahydrate), disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, boric oxide (boric anhydride), sodium borate and sodium metaborate, in or on raw agricultural commodities when used as an active ingredient in